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Wedding Ceremonies

A wedding ceremony is all about celebrating your relationship.  Whether you are spiritual, secular/non-religious, inter-faith, or somewhere in between, I will be committed to helping you to create a ceremony that incorporates your beliefs and values, celebrates who you are as a couple, and includes components and traditions that represent you best.​

I offer a variety of wedding ceremonies (for the Traditional Wedding Ceremony - see Rates) that should satisfy most couples and their traditions.  These ceremonies include Spiritual, Religious, Interfaith, Civil, Non-denominational, Secular, LGBTQ, and Vow Renewals. These ceremonies can range from formal, informal and simple.

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.”

                      ― Maya Angelou

SPIRITUAL CEREMONY – is an inspirational ceremony that is non-denominational and does not conform to the religious aspects of mainstream religious beliefs.  Although spiritualism is a religion in its own right, it does not have any specific god, similar to other religions.

RELIGIOUS CEREMONY – is simply a ceremony having a religious meaning. It can be a specific denomination or a combination of denominations characterized by religious elements, rituals, and traditions.

INTERFAITH CEREMONY – is an interdenominational ceremony involving persons of different religious faiths.  It respects and honors all beliefs, values, and traditions of all religious and spiritual paths.

CIVIL CEREMONY – is simply a nonreligious ceremony that does not contain any religious prayers. Couples can choose to include readings of love and commitment.

NON-DENOMINATIONAL CEREMONY – is a ceremony that is not of a specific denomination. It can simply be a general belief in a higher power. This ceremony serves couples who are of different religious backgrounds with general blessings, passages, and non-offensive prayers and customs.

SECULAR CEREMONY – is more of a civil ceremony, but not necessarily lacking in spirituality. Secular ceremonies do not make reference to God or any religion.

LGBTQ – is a same-sex ceremony choosing any of the above types of wedding ceremonies and celebrates the commitment to life-long married love.

VOW RENEWALS – is a sacred ceremony re-affirming the couple’s marriage vows, love, and life-long commitment. It can contain any of the above ceremonial-type elements.

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